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Hydrologic Delta Well Logger

Delta Epsilon Well Logging System

Item # 105050

  • The Delta Epsilon family of portable borehole loggers offers a combination of uncommon capability, ruggedness of design and ease of operation. Based on a legacy of building loggers in use around the world for more than four decades, a DEI logger is a superior working tool for the earth scientist and explorationist.

    • Runs geophysical logs in boreholes to depths of 300 meters using 0.1” single conductor armored logging cable.
    • Compact integrated design. Operates directly from a 12Vdc sources and does not require a generator or inverter.
    • Cable level winding is accomplished with a manually initiated device that works on the twist of the cable and not against tension as is the practice on competing winches. This greatly reduces the mechanical force, friction and operator intervention required to evenly spool cable.
    • Mechanical disc brake. In conjunction with an integral one way clutch, the brake ensures that the winch cannot reverse direction or creep backwards. The brake also ensures that probe descent is always controlled and the winch drum is secured and cannot rotate during transport. If tension on the cable is released the winch stops automatically preventing troublesome pile-up of loose cable.

Delta winch

  • Completely sealed noise free mercury wetted slip rings.
  • Constructed entirely of corrosion-resistant materials. All appropriate surfaces are anodized or powdercoated.
  • Standard GOI type cablehead.


Combination Gamma/Electric
Measurement Range:
Natural Gamma: 0 to 100K CPSSelf Potential: ±2000mV 16" Normal Resistivity: 0 to 5000 ohm-M Single Point Resistivity: 0 to 5000 ohms
44.5mm (1.75")
1327mm (52.25")
4.5Kg (9.8Lb)
Pressure Rating:
30.3MPa (4400PSI)
Operating Temperature:
-20o to 60oC (-4o to 140oF)




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